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In the serious Corporate part of my journey from the mid 2000 till recently I have been a thought leader, advisor & consultant to both Fortune 500 companies, SMB & Small Businesses on Digital Strategy, Marketing, IOT, Cloud Computing & Analytics. My consulting services was as solution innovator for Digital Sales & Marketing Automation, Virtualization & Actionable Intelligence Analytics initiatives.  


I have personally advised global, regional & local companies like Google, Cisco, eBay, PayPal, DBS, HSBC, Alibaba, Intel, MBF, Avis, Raine & Horne, WSJ, Savills .. totalling 67 Organizations over the last 12 years on Digital Strategy.

Who & What

Digital Expertise

Recommended by clients as a regional Digital Sales & Marketing Expert with 12 years in digital, I architect integrated Digital Solutions initiatives encompassing Digtial Advertising, Website Architecture & Development

This includes providing advice to some of the world’s largest technology companies as well as small businesses.


A tactical Negotiator & Communicator with strong influencing skills, a win-win customer-centric approach and cross-cultural competencies,  I am the ideal marketing strategy innovator who can be relied upon for regional consolidation and global increase in market share.  My Australian & APAC wide cross-cultural experience is on-going for the last 20 years. Why chat with me?

Advertising, Marketing & Consulting to 

Provided digital insights, strategies & best practice on Analytics, Sales Funnel eEngineering & Customer Acquisition Campaigns for numerous clients. My tenure as an advisor & consultant typically has spanned a period of 2-4 years for each client.


I am passionate about innovation, ideation & imagineering.


Fortunate to have been exposed to an eclectic range of subjects, I had an early fascination in my boyhood for Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Genetics, A.I, study of the sub-conscious & the human evolution. My unsual background spans a wide ranging breadth of knowledge & experiences which can be very useful in finding out of box solutions .

Why talk to Daniel?

My experience in providing guidance in a changing digital landscape is essential for any company that 1) recognizes that need & 2) recognizes my ability to make a significant impact. This includes:


  • Incremental monetization strategies from improving & tweaking revenue channels including optimizing the solution driven sales process.


  • Articulate & evangelize the business core offerings by emphasizing its unique attributes vis-a-vis its competitors.


  • Identify potential partnerships & strategic alliances companies that can add synergy to the business.

Why Daniel?

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Cisco Webinar

Daniel Yen offers insights on the Virtualization Benefits of Cloud Computing. He shares his views with Cisco's APAC customers & prospects.

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