Demand generation from the end consumers


You want them begging for product powered by your brand.

Your products supplied and co branded with retail brands who would then be proud to say I am selling YOUR BRAND.


A powerful message that even the most simple person out there would say yeah I understand, I get it… You know I want it now!


Human trials only good as the latest research to get those retail distributors on board. BUT .. What happens when your competitor do the same?


To be a long-term player means a long-term educational market leadership strategy.

When people are sick or worry about ageing .. they need to think Retail Brand containing YOUR BRAND.

Crossing the Finish Line
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YOUR BRAND: De Facto for MNM.

  • Content research about your target audience, distillation of consumers  key motivators for taking action and structuring of content.

  • Interview academics &/or leading researchers in geriatrics and gerontology to provide Thought leadership in market place

  • Socialise it correctly using programmatic advertising on all major social networks & Google paid search. 

  • Ask Retail Distribution Brands to collaborate on join marketing communications effort.

  • Be Seen as The Undisputed Leader in this field with consumers demanding Retail Brands containing YOUR BRAND.

Why Daniel & Digital Marketing ROI? for testimonials.

Digital Marketing ROI is Sales and marketing consulting firm Daniel  founded in 2010 targeting a Global Target Market for our many clients

My team and I have worked with only the very best in the world to help them identify and reach out to their Target audience.


Right from the top you will have the likes of Google and Alibaba … Banks and Pharma companies as well as Real Estate in several countries ..  all the way down to smaller companies like yourself. 

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