Abuse of the A.I Acronym

So many organisations, companies & individuals alike tend to promote themselves as endowed with Artificial Intelligence, #ai.

The distinction between General Purpose & Narrow Field Intelligence is not even mentioned, let alone understood. Somewhat clever software or just software "sprinkled" with adjectives like self learning algorithms are being promoted with machine learning. Not so clever software & hardware companies just claim A.I like they've got it.

Here is why this is a big issue and very mis-leading for their consumers & the general public alike.

Self Evolving Algorithms

At the Darmouth convention in 1955, Jim McCarthy first coined the term A.I & proposed with others the Original Aspects of A.I. Watch the ColdFusion video here

Whilst we have accomplished some of the attributes, not all exist in the so-called AI offerings out there.

Both software & robotics "wanna-be" AI offerings out there basically got software using classical computational models to faked A.I claims. In part, it should pass the #TuringTest.

Since #AI involves self improvement and the simulation of learning, what or who are the true AI offerings out there; if any? Want to know what AI should really look like, watch this.

Answers according to experts here is looking at somewhere between the year 2020 & 2100 for a singularity to occur where we or it creates/self-evolves into Artificial Intelligence.

#Sentience #Self-Preservation

So enough of coining the A.I term as its not really there! At best narrow field intelligent agents should be graded as either effective or ineffective software.

Its is my personal opinion based on what I have been exposed so far .. that #AI unlikely to rise without #neuromorphic parallel multi-permutation computing architecture using #biomimicry & #qantumcomputing #QuantumChip hardware. Here what @Intel has to share.

#QantumChip #QuantumComputer

For now Intelligent Agents called by others as AI assistants are poised for major growth in 2018 with better #NLP #TTS which at least ticks the boxes of the 7 aspects of AI. Here is a Digital Assistant overview here.

When it comes to communication automation, #MachineLearning systems Beats Humans @Stanford Reading Comprehension Test #turingtest #AI #deeplearning @alibaba. Check it out here.

#Metropolis #SentientMachines

What's promising when it comes to making sense of turning #bigdata into insights and actionable strategies according to @sethllyod involves a Quantum Computation of about 500 #QuBits. if that the case, how can anyone coin AI in their offering? Watch video here.