Is our consciousness an epiphenomenon of our material biological existence or does it precede our physical birth?

Let me get to the point. From my perspective our essence/soul/spirit/higher-consciousness precedes our physical existence, sentience & consciousness.

Our essence/soul/spirit/higher-consciousness .. I shall refer to as an individualised , personal Intelligence Matrix for the sake of simplicity & non affiliation to any type of dogma.

From an early age circa 11, when I discovered the Quantum realm of sub-atomic particles, cosmology .. driven by insatiable curiosity about the mysteries of our world, including my own existence.

Today after some 40 years, my thoughts are firmly wrapping itself around how Hyperspace or Higher dimensional physics could be the "environment" where our Intelligence Matrix originates from & works in space time & our biology to function in our everyday world.

Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace

In the interest of timeless continuity of our Intelligence Matrix .. despite our insignificance on this plane here on Earth, it gives me hope that there is an explanation to demystify the so called hard sciences, theoretical physics & spirituality ad well as unify all of them in a way that gives us context & meaning.

Walking a fairly long road, full of detours, side trips & experiences, there is now a need to share what I found to make sense .. to me. Its ok to challenge my ideas but after all these are my experiences.

As we all age, seek meaning & question more our purpose on this journey .. there is an increasing need to find some kind of explanation, hypothesis & story for our existence as we move on eventually, in time to come as we all do.

The following video is someone's well articulated perspective into what is unproven & yet makes sense when it comes to our ancient history & place in the universe.

All the way from time eternal from now & beyond, the author depicts the game of duality, read plurality as Consciousness, Spirit & the Material World are unified in his explanation of how and where we go to along our path.

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